Who We Are

MISSION and VISION - Forward in Health provides a medical hand-up to the people of Fonfred, Haiti by bringing quality healthcare to the region. Through Klinic Fonfred and medical teams from the US, we are changing medical care, one patient at a time.

haitikids-18Healthcare and Life in Haiti - Why We Help
Forward in Health is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the health conditions and dignity of the people in and around Les Cayes, Haiti. The clinic serves the 7,500 residents of Fonfred and another 7,500 impoverished residents in the surrounding towns. Fonfred is near the city of Les Cayes on the southern coast of Haiti.  Prior to the construction of Klinik Fonfred the children and adults had no local access to any health care services. When sick enough and only if money (which is not very often) was available, patients must travel to the hospital in the city of Les Cayes. This is a 30 minute ride over rough roads, if a vehicle is available.

Conditions that Haitians face day-to-day simply do not exist in the United States. Pregnant women receive no prenatal care, give birth at home and many die. Dying during childbirth is the second leading cause of death in Haitian women. Adults are not screened for silent killers such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Children do not have access to medical care for common conditions such as earaches and pneumonia. Severe illnesses such as malaria, tuberculosis, and typhoid, unheard of in the United States, are common and can kill when left untreated. Even simple pain medication to ease pain is unavailable. One out of every three deaths in Haiti is a child. These statistics in a country only 700 miles from our shores is unacceptable to us and can be reversed. In fact it is our mission to reverse this for the community of Fonfred.fih-prekf-15

Klinik Fonfred - Our vision is to provide excellent healthcare in our clinic in Fonfred which is available to all. We constructed a 3,500 square foot clinic where we provide prenatal, pediatric and adult medical services. Nutritional education and access to clean drinking water are provided at the clinic to the community. Medical care is provided by Haitian doctors and nurses with the operational support of Forward in Health and our partners Gaskov Clerge Foundation.

In the words of a resident of Fonfred when asked what the clinic means, "This is like God coming down to earth".

We also run trips for Medical Teams to come to Southern Haiti 2 to 3 times a year. These Teams see people outside the clinic in remote locations. These clinics bring healthcare to people who are in extreme need.