The Effects of Hurricane Matthew

The FIH budget was decimated by the effects of Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 hurricane, which ravaged southern Haiti on October 4th of 2016. Klinik Fonfred was able to reopen two days later. Before it opened the staff went to work clearing downed trees, mopping up the water throughout the clinic, wiping the entire clinic down with disinfectant, and assessing damage. In the wake of this killer storm Klinik Fonfred capped the number of patients it was possible to see each day at 120 instead of the usual 30-40 patients. For the 6 weeks after the hurricane services at the clinic were free to the patients and this included medication prescribed through the pharmacy. The entire staff worked long hours and did not take their scheduled days off. This was in the light of damage to their personal homes.

The clinic building itself was well constructed and received relatively minor damage; water damage to rooms, loss of medication in the pharmacy due to water damage, and the loss of two 500 gallon water tanks on the roof of the clinic. Clinic wall collapseHowever, because of the constant pounding on the walls from the hurricane, 30% of the 10 foot high security wall, which surrounds the 3 ½ acres of land on which Klinik Fonfred sits, collapsed. In addition, the roof blew off on the storage building which was used to store medications, medical equipment, and office supplies. All of the supplies were lost to water damage. The initial estimate to rebuild the wall and repair damage to the clinic building is $32,000. To properly repair the supply building is too costly. It has been decided that a simple tin roof will be placed on the building but a new building with a hurricane proof cement roof can be built for $28,000.

At a minimum the budget in 2017 to operate the clinic will be closer to $180,000 – $200,000 not counting the $60,000 in repairs to the clinic and the security wall around the compound after Hurricane Matthew.