Thanks to Spirit of Hope

Today members of Forward in Health attended a concert, “From Broadway to the Met”, a fund raiser for Spirit of Hope. Spirit of Hope, located in Worcester, Ma., has already helped Forward in Health by paying all of the expenses of 2 doctors who traveled to Haiti over a long weekend with the sole purpose of pinning the fractured leg of a young man injured in the earthquake. The concert featured 3 outstanding vocalists, Rochelle Bard, Nicole Bard Lian, and Jacqueline Noparsak. Over 2 hours the 3 talented singers, backed by a large choir, took the audience on a journey mixing together well known songs from Broadway and the opera.
At the conclusion Forward in Health received $10,000 from Spirit of Hope to pay all of Hal Seifert’s expenses while he is in Haiti overseeing construction of the first 1/3 of our medical clinic. A 15 member medical team travels with Hal to Haiti Tuesday April 19th. We will conduct 4 days of clinics while in Haiti.
Thanks to Rochelle, Nicole, and Jacqueline for sharing their impressive talents, and to Spirit of Hope for recognizing the work of Forward in Health and sponsoring Hal Seifert.