Stories from Klinik Fonfred

“The clinic is like God coming down to Earth”

How important is it to have Klinik Fonfred open and providing life-saving prenatal, preventative, and acute care 6 days/week? This can only be understood by the words of the people themselves. These are people who never dared dream of the possibility of medical care in their community.

One middle aged women grabbed Forward in Health co-founder Dr. John Mulqueen during the grand opening of the clinic November of 2015. She said, “I am not going to thank you for bringing the clinic to Fonfred. Only God can truly thank you and he will when he sees you in Heaven.”

A man told the story of his sister-in-law falling off of a motorcycle before the clinic was built. No one could find transportation to bring her to the hospital 30 minutes away. After several hours of not receiving any medical care she became sicker and died. He felt comforted to know that this would not happen again because of Klinik Fonfred.

Just prior to the opening of the clinic an elderly woman was gazing at the soon to open clinic and told Forward in Health co-founder Paula Mulqueen, RN that, “The clinic is like God coming down to Earth.”
Since the clinic opened in September of 2015, it has saved the lives of many people.

One of our housekeepers showed up to work saying that she had a severe stomach-ache. She was quickly evaluated by the clinic doctors and nurses. She was found to be pregnant and in labor. She was unaware that she was pregnant. Without time to transfer her to the hospital the newborn was delivered and stabilized by the doctors at the clinic. Today both mother and baby are doing well and mom has returned to work.

A young man in his twenties was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. His entire family was tested and found to be free of this disease which kills. Because of Klinik Fonfred the young man was treated and the disease was unable to spread in his body and to other people.