Our Vision

Forward in Health is a nonprofit organization. Our mission is to improve the health conditions and dignity of the people in and around Les Cayes, Haiti.

Some ask "Why Haiti? Surely there are plenty of causes locally to worry about." There are many possible answers. Essentially, it comes down to a level of poverty unknown in the United Sates. Here, we have many social safety nets to help those in need. True, we still have people who do not eat enough and are hungry. The difference is that in Haiti the level of poverty is not just lacking enough food, it is not having any. There are no government safety nets. People go without and many die without organizations such as FIH to help.

This is a poverty that causes death. No food, no clean water, no medical care. Our hope is to relieve this level of desperation. A child with an ear infection, pneumonia, or appendicitis has no access to basic medical care. We are especially qualified to help fulfill this need. Forward in Health's mission is accomplished by caring and well-trained medical professionals and committed volunteers who work hand-in-hand with local institutions of Les Cayes.

Our vision is to make a positive and lasting impact for our friends in Haiti . We have built a medical clinic in Fonfred that is staffed with Haitian medical professionals and brings ongoing and important medical services that include maternal child care, general primary care, HIV and TB screening along with health and nutrition education.