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Medical Team Tripsfih-prekf-44

Forward in Health began with co-founders Paula and John Mulqueen traveling to Haiti on medical teams lasting 1-2 weeks.  All of the members of the our Board of Advisors have traveled to Haiti on a FIH sponsored medical trip.  Even with the completion of the medical clinic, Klinik Fonfred, the mobile medical teams remain an important part of our mission.

Mobile medical teams are composed of medical and non-medical men and women.  Everyone is put to good use during clinics.  Non-medical people may work at “intake” taking basic information, with crowd control moving patients from one station to another, or even helping out in the pharmacy.

Men and women with medical training are able to use their training at clinics which are set up wherever they are most needed.  They may travel up a mountain to a village and work out of a school.  They may work out of a church, field, or dilapidated building.  The need determines the location. Read more…

Student Trips to Haiti for High School and College Students

Much of the vitality of Forward in Health comes from our relationship with high school and college students. From the beginning, FIH has welcomed students 16 years of age and over to accompany us on medical and non-medical cultural exchange trips. The energy, maturity, and empathy exhibited by the students has provided inspiration to all of us.

Many students leave as teenagers and return as young adults with a new view on priorities and a focus on their future. We are proud that most students want to return to Haiti with FIH. In addition, the trips to Haiti have inspired careers in nursing and journalism.

Overall we are proud of our relationship with our high school and college students. This has proven to be a mutually beneficial relationship. We are confident that we return young adults to their schools better able to help themselves and their communities. Read more…

Forward in Health Guest House

Forward in Health (FIH) has a guest house available for both FIH trip members and any travelers seeking temporary lodging in Haiti.  The building is located in downtown Les Cayes and is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

The building has 3 floors with a common area for congregating on the roof and on a second floor balcony.  The rooms are all dorm style with private rooms available.  The guest house sleeps 20 guests.  Each floor has indoor plumbing bathrooms with showers, sinks, and toilets.  A full kitchen provides 2 meals/day; breakfast and an evening supper.  Bottled water is provided for all guests.

Public electricity is sporadic, as is typical throughout Haiti.  When needed a generator is available to provide electricity for fans in the bedrooms and kitchen, lighting, and to charge electronics. Read more…

For information about our programs:

General information about Forward in Health contact John Mulqueen, MD at JMulqueen@ForwardinHealth.org

Information about medical or student trips contact Paula Mulqueen, R.N. at PMulqueen@ForwardinHealth.org

Information about fundraising events contact Paula Mulqueen, R.N. at PMulqueen@ForwardinHealth.org