Medical Team Leaves at 5:30 AM for Haiti

The bags are packed and loaded on the bus. Just waiting for 2 AM when everyone should be here to leave for the airport. A team of 15 doctors, nurses, computer engineers, FIH executive director, and faculty from The Winchendon School comprise the latest medical team to help the people of Haiti.
About this time I always feel a combination of anxiousness and excitement. This team is a bit different in that the majority of the team is made up of “newbies”, first timers to Haiti. It is rejuvenating to see Haiti through their eyes as they experience all that makes up the experience in Haiti. There will be a mix of initially giddy excitement as we fly into the country. By the time we are part of the way out of Port-au-Prince the clicking of cameras will likely die down as the poverty that does not end starts to sink in.
Hal Seifert is returning to Haiti with us. He has committed to seeing the completion of phase 1 of the clinic, the first 1/3 of the eventual project. This will get us up and running seeing patients by this time next year.
We plan on treating approximately 800 people on the trip and never quite know what we will find. What I do know is that we will follow the teaching of Mother Teresa, “Do small things with great love.” Wish us luck, John Mulqueen