Many Hands Make Light Work

Last weekend we had to clean out a few storage lockers filled with miscellaneous items from previous trips to Haiti. What at the onset looked like a full day of labor ended up taking only an hour because we had a great turnout from the FIH community – pitching in and getting it done!

This is a great model for what’s happening across the larger Forward In Health effort. The medical trips are very visible examples of how our goal is being realized. What isn’t quite so evident is the time and effort many volunteers are putting in behind the scenes. In addition to the admirable dedication of our medical professionals we have lawyers, educators, engineers, administrators, professionals, students and donors. You all play an important role and literally this mission would not be possible without your support.

We are getting closer to realizing our dreams and there’s still more to do, but we would like to stop, take a moment, and thank all of you for your love and support. THANK YOU!