Local GHS Students Break the Rules for Charity

Students at Gardner High School broke the rules on January 12th by wearing their baseball caps to school.

Stepping outside the boundaries and breaking a rule that is banned in most middle and high schools, these students took the time to each wear a hat on one particular day—not to go against the administration—but for a genuinely good cause.

On this “Hats for Haiti” day, the students spent $2 each to wear their hats for the day, and the money was then donated to the GHS’s “Forward in Health” non-profit organization club.

This club fundraises for the “Forward in Health” organization that was started in 2006 by husband and wife, Paula and John Mulqueen of Gardner, MA, who provide people in Haiti with much needed medical care.

Medical care is very obscure in most parts of Haiti, and has become an ongoing struggle for Haitian people.

Since a Haitian person typically survives on just $2 a day, each donation that students made through “Hats for Haiti” actually sustained the life of one person for another day.  

This was the first “Hats for Haiti” day that has been sponsored by Gardner High School. However, the hope is that this will become an annual event to keep a stream of revenue available to the FIH relief fund, each year. This fundraiser will be held on or around January 12th of each year, which is the anniversary of the earthquake that occurred in Haiti in 2010.

FIH founders, Paula and John, are hopeful that they will be able to open up this fundraising day to other local schools in the area, giving more students the opportunity to give back to the world.