Leaving for Haiti

Sorry for the delay in posting, but the past day has been hectic as we have finalized plans to travel into Haiti. Our medical team is now up to 14 including 2 Haitian born nurses, an orthopedic surgeon, pediatrician, family practitioner, and obstetrician/gynecologist. We have nurses, a founding board member of FIH, and paramedic.

We leave tomorrow from Logan Airport, land in Puerto Rico, fly to the Dominican Republic, fly to Jacmel, then helicopter into Leogonne, and travel by truck to Grande Guave. We will conduct 4 days of clinics. We are prepared as much as we can be for a variety of medical conditions, not actually sure what we will find.

Thanks to the many who have made donations, offered their best wishes and prayers, and inspired us to do what we are doing. Many have stepped up. Paula Mulqueen has put together a trip most thought impossible to organize from little Gardner, Massachusetts in just a few days. She is the driving force for behind this trip and its’ success.