Klinik Fonfred

Klinik Fonfred is a 3,500 square foot primary care clinic located in Les Cayes opened in 2015 and is the center piece of our work. The clinic is entirely operated fih-new-web-35by a Haitian staff including a director, doctors, nurses, clerical and support staff. Klinik Fonfred is able to offer services scarce or entirely unavailable in southern Haiti. We serve a population of about 15,000 people. This includes the village of Fonfred and the immediate area surrounding it. We have digital x-rays and laboratory services that were unheard of except in Port-au-Prince which is 8 hours away.

Klinik Fonfred is open 6 days a week and 30-40 patients are seen each day. Services offered include prenatal care, preventative medical care from birth through old age, acute medical care of illnesses common in the developed countries such as ear infections, pneumonia, vomiting and diarrhea to illnesses common only in third world countries such as Tuberculosis, Zika virus, Malaria, Cholera, and severe malnutrition. Chronic life threatening illnesses never before diagnosed or treated are now managed at the clinic. Some of these illnesses are: high blood pressure, diabetes, acid reflux, and arthritis.

Patients are charged a small amount of money for services provided at Klinik Fonfred. However, no one is ever denied services because they cannot pay. This includes seeing a doctor, receiving medications from our pharmacy, and lab services or x-rays provided at the clinic. There are several reasons why the decision was made to charge a fee for services. The majority of people in Haiti express embarrassment at the need to accept handouts and free services of any kind. There is a certain dignity and improved self-esteem in being able to pay for their medical care. The prices set at the clinic are affordable even in the face of severe poverty. We serve the village of Fonfred and the immediate area surrounding it but since the opening of the clinic people have come from many areas outside of the Fonfred area; Aquin, Camp-Perrin, Torbeck, Port Salut, Chantel,and Ducis to name a few. People are driving from hours away to receive these services. We are able to provide medical care in the face of overwhelming poverty, so people come.

For $20 US we are providing all of the medical care required for a child for an entire year. This includes 1 well visit each year, all required vaccinations, sick visits, medications, and lab and radiology services offered at the clinic. This kind of care is unheard of in this area of Haiti. Down the road from Klinik Fonfred is Loving Shepherds who as part of their good works they provide a home for 200 orphans or children “at risk”. Klinik Fonfred has an agreement to provide the medical care for these children for $20/year ensuring these children get the medical care that they need.fih-new-web-48




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