Just finished first day seeing patients

Our medical team is in Haiti only through the help of many people unknown to us a few days ago.
Many thanks to the crew on the American Airlines flight from Boston to Puerto Rico. Our layover in Puerto Rico was tight, only 40 minutes to begin with and our flight was delayed almost an hour as the plane needed to be deiced in Boston. The American Airlines crew called ahead to our connecting flight and begged to have it held. The plane in Puerto Rico agreed to hold the plane for 30 minutes. After loading us up with extra cups and Orange juice the American Airlines crew had the rest of our plane wait as we departed first. We want them to know that because of their kindness we made our flight to the Dominican Republic.

We arrived in the Dominican Republic and spent the night as it was too dark to fly. Our landing strip ( a road) has no lights. A group Go Mission is accumulating medical supplies and offered them to us, fed us, and allowed us to stay with them for free.

As we were about to leave shorthly after 7 am for Leogone, Haiti we felt a tremor. Grand Guave, the home of our directors, had a 6.1 earthquake. We were allowed to leave and landed on a road.
There is no phone service and our directors were 1 hour late. They finally arrived and are OK.

We traveled 45 minutes and saw patients in a remote area that has yet to see medical professionals. It has been 8 days and what we saw is incredibly sad. Broken arms, legs, ankles that have not been cared for. Open wounds that are now too old to repair. A little boy has a dislocated elbow and cannot bend his elbow at all. It has been too long to be reduced without anesthesia. If not fixed he will never be able to bend his elbow and his arm will be held straight out.

At the end of the clinic we met a doctor from Doctors Without Borders. They are setting up an OR tomorrow in Leogone and we will be able to have him seen there.

Need to go for now. Some areas are so incredibly sad, yet the spirit of the people we have encountered is not broken. In the saddest times the grace of God is still found.