Items needed for Supply Truck Going to Haiti

Forward in Health has received a generous donation of a 24 foot 2001 Sterling box truck. Matt Hogan, president of Industrial Packaging Supply Co. of Auburn, Ma., became aware of the need for a box truck by FIH and pledged to either find a donated truck or pay for one himself. True to his word Matt paid for the truck. Obtaining the truck was greatly facilitated by Steve Robinson, owner of Apple Truck and and Trailer Sales of Auburn, Ma.

We have comprised an extensive list of supplies needed to complete construction for phase 1 of the medical clinic. Once completed the medical clinic will provide access to life saving medical care to 15,000 currently trying to survive without.

We are in need of supplies to fill the truck before shipping. If you have ever desired to help with construction of the FIH medical clinic from afar please look at the list below for needed supplies.

The truck is located in Gardner at 101 Storage and supplies
can be dropped off at their office or email FIH at for a scheduled pick up. The truck will ship to Haiti in the middle of October.

12-2 wire – 1000 ft.

14-2 wire – 1000 ft.

150 plugs (outlets)

50 switches

400 amp panel

200 amp panel

100 amp panel-2

Breakers to match the panels (same manufacturer)

24 and 32 foot Aluminum Extension ladders

Rebar cutter/bender

20 42 inch ceiling fans

Plumbing fixtures.

Skill saw, extra blades.

12 Electrical wire strippers.

12 Utility knives.

5 Electrical testers.

2 ½ yard diesel cement mixers.

12 Rain coats.

2 four wheel vehicles.

2 bicycles.

Small and medium sized motorcycle gloves

Electric grinders (2) with extra wheels

Medium and large Mucking Boots