How You Can Help


Support the operation of Klinic Fonfred

The operating budget for the clinic for a year is currently $190,000. We have a medical staff of 4 doctors, 4 nurses and 1 lab technician. Our Pharmacy alone costs $15,000 per yer to run and supply with medications.

How YOU can Help -

Provide the healthcare for 1 child for 1 year - $25

Provide prenatal care for 1 woman throughout her pregnancy - $100

Provide medical care for a family of  6 people for 1 year - $150

Life saving medication and lab tests for a child with Juvenile Arthritis for 6 months - $120

Support a vaccination program (Vaccines are free) - $80

All X-rays for one day - $50

All CBC lab tests for one week - $60

Salary for one Doctor for one month - $1,000

Salary for one Nurse for one month - $500

Salary for one Lab Technician for one month - $200

Forward in Health providing life sustaining healthcare to people of the Les Cayes region of Haiti. We are a 501(c)3 organization.