How You Can Help


Support the operation of Klinic Fonfred

The operating budget for the clinic for a year is currently $190,000. We have a medical staff of 4 doctors, 4 nurses and 1 lab technician. Our Pharmacy alone costs $15,000 per yer to run and supply with medications.

Support the Repairs After Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew ripped through the Klinic Fonfred in October 2016 leaving damages  are estimated to cost $59,000. This bill does not include the extra operating costs to keep the clinic open for 4 weeks after the hurricane, when we saw 4 times as many patients per day as usual and during this time we did not charge for any care.

For five weeks after the hurricane all patients were seen free and this included medication prescribed through the pharmacy. Instead of the usual 30-40 patients seen each day the number was maxed out at 120 each day. The clinic and its staff could not accommodate any more patients. Doctors and nurses worked through their scheduled days off and worked late into the day doing all they could.  

We need your help to fix up and support the clinic after Hurricane Matthew. Any amount will help. DONATE NOW!

How YOU can Help -

Provide the healthcare for 1 child for 1 year - $25

Provide prenatal care for 1 woman throughout her pregnancy - $100

Provide medical care for a family of  6 people for 1 year - $150

Life saving medication and lab tests for a child with Juvenile Arthritis for 6 months - $120

Support a vaccination program (Vaccines are free) - $80

All X-rays for one day - $50

All CBC lab tests for one week - $60

Salary for one Doctor for one month - $1,000

Salary for one Nurse for one month - $500

Salary for one Lab Technician for one month - $200

Forward in Health providing life sustaining healthcare to people of the Les Cayes region of Haiti. We are a 501(c)3 organization.


Donate your expertise to be part of a medical team and make a difference. Doctors, nurses and other professionals are needed to be part of a medical team that goes to remote areas to run clinics. These trips are trans-formative times for many professionals. Go to help the people of the Les Cayes region of Haiti and find out why you became a doctor or nurse again.

Travelers on medical trips, like all trips overseen by Forward in Health to Haiti, pay their own expenses. Trips can range from $1,600 to $2,100. The air travel to Haiti and ground travel around the country are the most difficult to predict and can vary greatly from trip to trip.

Members of medical teams are required to compete an orientation conducted by Forward in Health co-founder Paula Mulqueen, RN. The orientation typically consists of three 2-3 hour long sessions. During these sessions travelers are oriented to Haiti and the Haitian culture, the degree of abject poverty they will see, proper dress, conduct, and expectations of the trip.

For more details go to Medical Teams. Medical trips are for more than just doctors and nurses.

What people are saying about these transformative trips:  

One orthopedic surgeon in his 50’s stated that, “This is the best I have felt about medicine since I was a resident” when he was in his late 20’s. fih-prekf-12

FIH co-founder Paula Mulqueen, R.N. has said that a medical mission changes you so that one again, “Your job once again becomes your vocation”.

People return from medical trips as better doctors and nurses.  Non-medical people are similarly touched and affected by their work with the poor. Everyone has the same feeling of reaffirmation for the work that they do. You have to come and experience a trip to Haiti yourself.

If you are interested in being part of a Medical Team please contact Paula at (978) 808-5234 or email her at: