Hal in Haiti Back Home

Hal Seifert has returned home for 3 weeks. He will be returning to Haiti with the next FIH medical team April 19th.


We left Les Cayes yesterday morning at 7, arrived about 40 minutes later in Port au Prince. Two props, two pilots (Latin), probably 20 passengers. Beautiful mountains and farmland. Farms that are so isolated, no roads, just trails, a long way to market, fertile, verdant land. Listening to Adele, her beautiful voice wrapping around deep sentiments. After landing we tried to rush to the airport in time to catch an 8:50 to Fort Lauderdale, fat chance, so we waited for the 3:45, which was late of course. A group of people sat with us from Atlanta. They were part of a tech school in Les Cayes, which is exactly what the boys at Espwa need when they finish school, to learn a trade and be able to make a decent living with dignity, which is what we all want, no? Turns out flying was a lucky move because manifestations (demonstrations) were starting, not for the anticipated announcement of the election results, but the sharp increases in gas prices. Whew, made it.

It’s only about a two hour flight from PAP to FLL , but we were in the air a long time, turns out we had to land in Miami, take a bus to FLL. All said and done the day ended at midnight. Fort Lauderdale is humid and humbling, seen better days. Now I feel silly for writing all this, heck I’m in Haiti anymore, kind of in the hinterland. Ok, bye, bye