Haiti Update

Finished a second day of clinics yesterday. 2 nights ago and yesterday felt a few pretty good aftershocks. Only lasted 2-5 seconds but one once strong enough to take notice. Other than that can feel light rumbles like a truck going by.

Spent yesterday morning seeing patients at Mission of Hope’s church and where their orphanage is. A tent city has popped up in the courtyard for the orphans and others. By the end of the morning we were starting to see less ill people although the last boy of the day was diagnosed with malaria. During the day treated lots of wounds and some orthopedic problems. Our orthopedic Dr., Dr. David Fabien, relocated a dislocated hip and casted a fracture of a femur under sedation.

After lunch traveled to Lex and Renee’s visitor home by the beech. The navy landed there today and is setting up shop. The home there is destroyed.

The afternoon we traveled along the road and stopped at 2 different tent/refugee camps. Needed to treat 3 people for broken bones that has still not been casted and then many wounds, some worse than others.

Will be returning to the camps today as they let people in the mountain area know we will be there.