Gardner High School Teacher Talent Show

The Gardner High School teachers put it all on the line in March 2007 with a talent show. All proceeds were donated to Forward in Health. The event was organized by Project Haiti, the student club at Gardner High. The club brings awareness of the poverty and inferior health conditions in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere to students at Gardner High.

During the first half of the show the teachers demonstrated their musical talents, several times bringing the packed house at the GHS Landry Auditorium to its’ feet in appreciation.

The second half took a decided turn. Tongue in cheek, the teachers performed skits and musical parody that left the crowd howling with laughter.

As entertaining as each act was, the finale left the crowd screaming for more. It was performed by the history department of Gardner High School (all men) dancing to the pussy cat dolls, ROFL. It can be viewed in part on Youtube at

Over $1,600 was raised and donated to FIH. We at FIH thank the spirit and talent at GHS!