Earthquake devastates impoverished Haiti

Forward in Health is concerned and saddened by what is likely to be a horrific and deadly earthquake in Haiti. As we learn more we are relieved to hear that our directors in Haiti, Lex and Rene Edme and their children are well. They live in Grand Goave about 30 miles from Carrefour, the epicenter of this 7.0 earthquake. Rene has phoned in and although there was some damage to the wall of the orphanage the children are all well. The buildings of the orphanage, church, and school are intact. We are waiting to recive more information about the Les Cayes area. We do know that the earthquake was felt in the Les Cayes area.
We do not have any current plans for emergency fundraising or travel. The scheduled February trip with students from St. John’s and April trip with Gardner High school and Marianapolis Preparatory School in Connecticut are on hold but not canceled.