Director in Haiti Named

Forward in Health held a board meeting Saturday May 13 and unanimously voted to appoint Seaphin Lindor, better known as Roudy, to be its’ director in Haiti. He is currently transitioning from another position in Haiti, and the appointment will take effect once the transition process is over. Roudy is a life long resident of Les Cayes and is well known and respected in the community. He has worked in the past with several board members.
Board member Lois Kolofsky has had extensive experience working with Roudy through her parish in Sutton, and told the board that Roudy has “excellent knowledge and respect in the Les Cayes area. The Sisters of Charity, who have worked extensively with him, vouched for his character and honesty.” In her experience Lois mentioned that he has demonstrated excellent accounting and reporting skills.
Vice president Paula Mulqueen has also had a working relationship with Roudy and looks forward to resuming what was a successful partnership.