Delay in Construction

Uncertainty and civil unrest in Haiti, and Les Cayes specifically, has delayed the resumption of construction of our clinic in Fondefred. According to one of our most experienced and best translators in Les Cayes, Evens, blockades and burning tires were seen in the streets of Les Cayes. Some of the unrest in the area centers around the governor of Les Cayes. People are also worried that the uncertainty of the recent elections. Some are worried that they will be declared invalid, others protesting that they should be nullified. People are on high alert for further unrest once the results of the presidential elections are made known this coming week. Until things settle down Hal Seifert will be staying with our directors Lex and Renee Edme at Mission of Hope in Grande Goave. Now is not the time for him to move outside of their care. Even Lex and Renee are nervous about what will happen in the upcoming week.