Construction Progressing

Construction of the FIH clinic in Fondfrede is progressing at an excellent pace, Hal Seifert’s report this week was as follows.

“Things are going well. Walls are going up.
Half of the window headers got poured yesterday, the rest Monday.”

Hal and his right hand man in Haiti, Evens, traveled to Camparen to try to locate a 1 year old boy with a birth defect. The FIH surgical team was there when he was born in April 2010. He has a protrusion on his forehead that connects to the cerebrospinal fluid around his brain. He requires neurosurgery to repair this. Hal and Evens did find the boys grandparents and will return next Saturday to speak to the parents. If the parents agree FIH would like to arrange a medical visa to bring him to the US for the surgery. Hopefully more news to come.