Building it right

Forward in Health has pledged to construct a permanent health clinic in Haiti, and to make it as earthquake proof as possible. Our land is only 6 miles from the fault that runs through Haiti. We will be able to achieve this and have the most well constructed building in the Caribbean thanks to the expertise of Paul Fallon our architect and structural engineers John Thomsen and Brian Twomey from Simpson Gumpertz & Heger. Engineers from Simpson Gumpertz & Heger traveled to Haiti after the earthquake and studied construction practices in Haiti; what stood up after the earthquake and what fell down. Although significantly more expenses to build, FIH is confident that visitors traveling to Haiti with FIH will be safe and secure.
As construction proceeds pictures will be taken almost daily and be emailed to Paul, John, and Brian. They will study the pictures and correct any mistakes for immediate correction. Our system of ensuring proper construction has already paid off. The pictures taken after the second day of construction showed 3 errors. Correction will take place before construction resumes.
Hal Seifert from