April Medical Mission

The airline tickets have been purchased and the 20 person medical team from Forward in Health is prepared to travel to our home area of Les Cayes, Haiti. The medical team will travel from April 21-28, 2010. For the first time Forward in Health co-founders Paula and John Mulqueen will be traveling together along with their 13 year old son Conor. The team consists of eight doctors (largest number of docs to ever travel with FIH at one time), five nurses, one wound care specialist, one paramedic, and five lay personnel.
Plans are underway to have full use of the operating room at the public hospital in Les Cayes. Among the group of medical staff are an anesthesiologist, orthopedic surgeon, OB/Gyn physician, and surgical nurse.
The rest of the group will be conducting medical clinics in the area including on our land in Fondfrede.