Dear Friends, Family and Forward in Health Supporters:
As you probably are aware Hurricane Matthew was a direct hit on Southern Haiti October 4, 2016, exactly where Forward in Health provides life-saving healthcare every day.  Our clinic, Klinik Fonfred, opened in September of 2015.  Our mission and the need have never been more urgent and timely.

The Forward in Health clinic, Klinik Fonfred, sustained significant damage.  The security wall surrounding the clinic land was severely damaged and will need to be rebuilt.  There was water damage resulting in the loss of medical supplies.  Two water tanks were damaged beyond repair.  The roof of the depot was blown off.  Several areas of the clinic itself, doors and walls, were damaged.  The security booth was destroyed.

In spite of this the clinic must rise back up because the community of Fonfred and all surrounding towns were ravaged and are in ruins.  80% of the homes were damaged.  The usual poor sanitary conditions are incredibly now worse from flooding.  Food, clean water, and fuel are in frighteningly short supply.

Because of the above it is certain that the clinic will be over-run with sick patients within the next 2 weeks.  After natural disasters infectious diseases such as Cholera, Malaria, and Typhoid run rampant.  Forward in Health is prepared to send a medical team to help support the clinic staff.  We will need medical supplies, medications, and oral and IV fluids to treat dehydration.  Without this people will die in large numbers.

Forward in Health has a track record of success where larger better funded organizations have failed.  We desperately need your financial help.  You will never have to ask, “What happened to the money donated to help Haiti?” when you donate to FIH.  We will be able to show you not only results and a positive impact from your donation, but the faces of the people you are helping.
Any amount will help.  The need is great.  As of today, less than 1 week after the hurricane, the clinic is open again.  However the worst is yet to come.  Please send a tax deductible donation by check to Forward in Health at 192 Lawrence, Gardner, MA 01440 or through the donation link on our web site,  

Paula Mulqueen, BSN, RN         John Mulqueen, MD                                                                                                                                                                          Co-Founders, FIH