5th FIH trip after the earthquake is back

Paula Mulqueen at the ruins of the Hotel Montana

Band and dancers at an orphanage in Fonde Fred

Paula and John Mulqueen traveled to Haiti for 4 days, the fifth Forward in Health trip to Haiti since the January earthquake. They escorted members of the Gengel family, Cheryl Anne, Bernie, and aunt Jodie. The Gengel’s 19 year old daughter Britney died in the earthquake at the Hotel Montana. The Genegls made their first trip to Haiti and visited various orphanages and the FIH land in Fonde Fred with the vision of building an orphanage in Britney’s name.

In addition architect Paul Fallon and his son Andy were on the trip and are staying an extra week to help build houses in Grande Goave. Paul and John spent time with Lex, our director in Haiti, finalizing construction plans which are set to resume. The group brought down epoxy and hammer drills needed to resume the project. Construction is set to resume within 2 weeks.