Our Vision and Our Mission

Forward in Health provides a medical hand-up to the people of Fonfred, Haiti by bringing quality healthcare to the region. Through Klinik Fonfred and medical teams from the US we are changing medical care, one patient at a time.

Amber Suzak enjoying the school children

First 2020 Medical Team set to go

A group of nurses, doctors, various other health professionals and non-medical people will be traveling to Haiti in April of 2020. This will be the first team to travel to Haiti since April of 2019.

The country of Haiti has been in political turmoil since the summer of 2019. This made travel safety, our first priority, a concern. Medical teams for early September and October were unable to make the trip.

The situation in Haiti has been calm since last December. It appears that this will continue. The yearly Les Cayes half marathon will be in April. The medical team, along with the staff of Klinik Fonfred, will be there to assist. In addition, the team will travel to selected sites that are remote from Klinik Fonfred. Working out of makeshift clinics the team members will care for 150 people each day. The teams will be in Haiti for 7 days.

The donation of basic items such as vitamins, Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Liquid or tablets, and Ibuprofen (Advil and Motrin) liquid or tablets are always appreciated. They can be delivered to 502 Wachusett St, Holden MA 01520. Donations of money to defer expenses is also appreciated. All travelers pay their own way. Money would be used to defer the travelers cost of travel in Haiti which is very expensive.

Any questions please email Dr. John Mulqueen at jmulqueen@forwardinhealth.org.


Klinik Fonfred


Klinik Fonfred is a 3,500 square foot primary care clinic located in Aux Cayes  opened in 2015 and is the center piece of our work.  The clinic is entirely operated by a Haitian staff including a director, doctors, nurses, and clerical staff. Klinik Fonfred is able to offer services scarce or entirely unavailable in southern Haiti.  We have digital x-rays and laboratory services that were unheard of except in Port-au-Prince which is 8 hours away. READ MORE


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